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Legal Scale” by Jpornelelasadv is licensed under CC by 2.0

“The Power Of The Web Is In Its University. Access By Everyone Regardless Of Disability Is An Essential Aspect.”

-Tim Barnes Lee, W3C-Director and Inventor of the World Wide Web.

VIDE0: WEB ACCESSIBILITY video (Transcript in description of video)

Download an audio version of this Web Accessibility Video

Life without the Internet is nearly inconceivable. For most people, Web surfing is an activity taken for granted. For people with disabilities the Internet can be an unfriendly place.The Internet is an integral resource in our lives. Websites are an essential way of receiving as well as providing information and interacting with others.  With the click of a mouse the world is suddenly at your fingertips. But, what is you can’t use a mouse, see the screen or hear the audio because of a disability?  It is for this reason that websites need to be accessible in order to provide equal access and equal opportunity to all people including those with disabilities.

The Web offers man opportunities to people with disabilities that are available through any other medium. The Web offers independence and freedom. If a Web site is not created with Web accessibility in mind, it could exclude a portion of the population that quite possibly could stand to benefit from it the most. It is not the intention of most to exclude people with disabilities. With ongoing awareness on the part of organizations and designers, content has a chance of being accessed by a much wider population.

This Website, Digital Accessibility: A Necessity is designed to educate and aid people in understanding how people with disabilities use and navigate the Web, the frustrations that occur when they can not access the web, why sites need to be accessible to all and the role you can play in making your sites more accessible.

For this Website to truly be effective, one must understand the meaning of digital accessibility, as well as the history behind it. It is essential to understand where we have been in order to know where are going and how to get there. Let’s open the doors to make sites and apps accessible to everyone. Let’s Make A Difference!


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